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Our Family

Founded in 1950 by our parents Ross and Dorothy Iverson, we feel blessed that they chose the most beautiful place in the world to settle. With Mt. Hood, our beautiful summers, and mind winters, we are always surrounded by beauty. Ross and Dorothy are no longer with us but the next generation is now at the helm and all products of Oregon State University. 

Second Generation


Ken Iverson

Ken's expertise is crop management. This years in the seat of the sprayer gave him a way to monitor and manage the fields. He has relinquished that job to his son Jon but Jen is still the heart of innovation for the farm as well as for our extraction company, FSOil. 


Nels Iverson

His hands are heavily calloused from the years working on our farm's equipment. You name it and he has torn it apart and repaired it on the farm. Nels also is an innovator in getting new systems in place. Nels is key to getting FSOil processes in place and troubleshooting any issues


Barb Iverson

Barb has moved through the farm in various areas from nursery and flower production to now office management. The business time of the year occurs during our annual Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival which draws visitors from all over the world to our tulip fields. 


Paul Iverson

Paul is the driver in getting things done. Whether it's working ground or planting hemp, Paul is there to set it all up and get it going. A former Fire Chief for the city of Woodburn, Paul is used to taking charge. 

Third Generation


Jon Iverson

Jon is the third generation to come back to the farm. He stepped into his dad's seat in the sprayer but does so much more. From swathing and combining, to the computer, Jon spends hours putting together spreadsheets to make sure what we do is economically sustainable. 


Brian Iverson

Third generation and graduate of Northern Montana State in Diesel Mechanics, Brian is now our key mechanic. He loves what he does and not much ruffles his easy going attitude. Brain can fix just about anything. 


Christina Iverson

Christina came back after a stint in an accounting office and now runs the books for the farm. Her side business, Red Barn Hemp is a retail CBD company that sells product in our farm stand that was grown and extracted on the farm  

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