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We are Iverson Family Farms

Iverson Family Farms like over 97% of the farms in Oregon, a family farm. My parents bought the farm in 1950 with the help of my Dad’s parents. As a young child I remember picking pole beans and having to pick the bottom half of the row because that was all the higher I could reach. All 6 of us kids were expected to work on the farm growing up and although it was hard work, I loved it.

Over the years our farm has grown over 100 different crops from potatoes and corn to now hemp, grass seed, grapes, vetch, tulips, clover and a variety of minor crops for oil. We have our own wines made from the vines on our farm and host the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival every spring. We continue to look for ways to diversify our farm as that diversity has helped in our crop rotation, soil, employee retention and in the ability to survive trying times like now. 

As a family farm, we take pride in what we do and know we have a responsibility to sustainably care for our piece of land and all it includes, for generations to come. 

- Barb Iverson

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