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Established in 1950

Iverson Family Farms is a third generation farm that manages over 1,500 acres of grass seed, vetch seed, wine grapes, table grapes, clover seed, hemp, and tulips. The Iverson family is constantly looking for innovative ways to improve what we do so that future generations will still be farming the same ground. 


Our Family

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Over 100 Crops

We once counted and have grown over 100 different crops on our ground. We were one of the first in the Willamette Valley to mechanically harvest sweet corn. We were large potato growers for Frito Lay and Kettle Chips at one time. 

We now focus on annual and perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, vetch seed, clover seed, hemp, filberts, and tulips. This year, 2020, we have added oregano, celery, chia, Echinacea, and basil as well as played with the oil extraction of these crops. Diversification has always been a key ingredient to our success on the farm. 



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